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The MATERIAL MUSE | Haider Ackermann is my all time favourite...


Fashion fades only style remains
-Coco chanel

Haider Ackermann is my all time favourite designer. I’ve been a fan of his for a while now, amazed by his draping skills and the way he manipulates leather. He not only creates stunning pieces, but sculptures. Ever season im left in Awe. 

This season is no different! His collection was filled with rich colours such as, burnt oranges, deep reds and moss greens. The way he moulds, tucks, folds, fits and wraps is unbelievable. Karl Largerfeld also seems to think so saying that once he retires he could most likely see Ackermann taking his place!

My favourite outfits are the two orange jackets with pants (i love the different tones of orange!) and the satin brown jacket with red pants, but the whole collection was magnificent!

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